We are IP transaction specialists.  We create opportunity.  We are IAG.


Our Mission

We create and implement complete IP monetization strategies specifically directed to strategic patent purchases, sales and licenses.  We understand that the window of opportunity doesn't open itself.  It takes knowledge, it takes experience, and most importantly, it takes perseverance.  

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
— Albert Einstein


Our team members are highly educated and experienced professionals who have deep technical and legal expertise.

  • Scientists and Engineers.
  • Registered to Practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Registered to practice in multiple State and Federal Courts, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • Analyzed, prosecuted, and litigated complex patents and related legal issues.
  • Have engaged in extensive license, sale, and settlement negotiations. 
  • Experts in preparing evidence of use and claim mapping documentation.
  • Provided counsel on strategic IP matters including infringement, validity, enforceability, claim interpretation and related legal issues.
  • Developed and monetized patents across multiple industries including telecommunications, semiconductors, displays, digital imaging, and consumer electronics.